About Us

The Brand


AP State of Mind is clothing brand that caters to everyone, it represents your state of mind. Our main focus is to incorporate individuals from all walks of life. What AP stands for intends to be relatable for all. Our main slogan is ‘Always Positive’, promoting positivity, we believe is the first stepping stone to success. 

We are a unique brand that deliver high quality products and designs in addition to a meaning behind the brand itself. An outlook on life that involves seeing and focusing on the positive aspects of any situation, no matter the circumstances.

AP State of Mind was established in 2016, it was founded by Al Prezi. He was raised in London and was exposed to many different situations both good and bad. Throughout his hardships, he used the phrase ‘Always Positive’ to keep a healthy mindset. Al Prezi began his first hat line called ‘APthebrand’ to promote his positive mindset and inspire others.

‘Positivity is a feeling of gratitude, optimism, confidence, self worth. A positive mindset can influence the way you view the world, your life and change your perspective for the better’

We take pride in the service we provide for our clientele. Follow the journey on Instagram & Tik Tok @apstateofmind